Friday, 22 May 2015

4 Reasons Why I'm Starting a Blog

This is my first blog post thing, therefore have no idea what I'm really doing. So, as the amazing Miranda's Mother would say, 'bare with.'

1. Boredom
In all honesty I started a blog because I was extremely, painstakingly bored. 
T.V., food, and alcohol appears to be the uni students' Golden Formula, but there is only so much bacon I can eat and cheap Lambrini I can drink before I begin to think 'shit, this is how I die.'

oh and revision...revision is also part of that formula if you want to, you know, stay at uni

2. A Break From The Atrocities of Revising
Speaking of revision, and i dont know about anyone else here, but i dont like it. Mentally, I envisage revision as a walk; a 3 day walk with no sleep up a mountainside that is on fire, just to get to the ice cream truck at the top. I want the top marks, of course i do, but revision can be so tedious and uninspiring that I want to punch it in the throat.

So writing down every thought, feeling, or idea I have, whether anyone cares or not, is going to be my way of forgetting revision for a while and having a well deserved break.

So deal with that.

3. Creative Hobby Thing
I'm a psychology student. That means theories, theories, more theories, and statistics; that painfully annoying cousin of mathematics who thinks its funny to eff up all your shit. 
So i thought, 'you know what would be fun?' Returning to the days of high school English lessons, where I could be creative and write about any old crap my mind could churn out.
Because there are only so many theories on the theories of why we have theories that I can take.

Also, with a blog I finally have a legit (sort of) hobby, because apparently T.V. doesn't really count

Image result for wizards of waverly place gif

4. *Please See Title of Blog*
As i hope you have seen (unless you ended up on this blog in a cruel twist of fate), this blog is called WhatToDoWithMyLife?
This is because everyday, at least a dozen times, I think 'what am i going to do with my life?'
This question has no time restraints; it could be what i should do in a month, or a year, or ten years, but ultimately i dont know what to do with my life.

And yes, I'm only 19 and probably have years to figure it out, but i thought maybe a blog could be what i do with my life for now.

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